About Balorman

The journey, which started with timber production in 1958 in the wood sector, continued with wooden furniture production and raw material importation in the following years. Balorman has realized great amount of round timber importations from particularly Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Russia and Ukraine as of the year of 1985.


What We Do?

We are at your service with 63 years of experience in order to give you the best service in wood, plastics and pallet&packaging products

Wood Group

For long years, round timber importation has been done from various regions of the world and the raw material requirements of the wood industry of Turkey have been met.

Plastic Group

As of today, a total of 25 million table tops production, of which 5.5 million are assembled, are realized. Apart from the table tops, different plastic components are produced in Balorman Cerkezkoy and Ergene factories.

Pallet & Packaging

The network, which has been  formed to provide the same service and quality understanding in various regions of Turkey, grows every day with the participation of new suppliers and new service centers.

We are here for you. Call us on +90 212 290 29 29 or request a quote online.



As of today, Balorman continues its activities in Bolu, Çerkezköy, Ergene, Romania factories, Darıca, İzmir, Adana service centers and Poland distribution warehouse.



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