Pallet & Packaging

The supplier industry culture, obtained as a result of the works, aimed at the home appliances sector and long time experience in production and raw material importation in wood sector, has contributed to the starting of Balorman’s activities related to the wooden pallet production.

The synergy, which has come out as a result of the combination of these two significant elements, has led the way to a new line of business for Balorman in the 2000s.

Primarily, a modern pallet factory has been established in Balorman Bolu factory, which consists of automatic pallet production lines. Later, 35 manufacturer companies, which are active in various regions of Turkey, have joined to Balorman’s pallet production network as suppliers. Finally, Balorman pallet service system has been widened with Dilovası, Cayirova, Izmir and Adana service centers.

The network, which has been formed to provide the same service and quality understanding in various regions of Turkey, grows every day with the participation of new suppliers and new service centers.

Our customer focused service understanding will continue with our environment friendly and cost advantageous production models.