Balorman has started its table top production, aimed at home appliances sector in its factory, established in Bolu at the end of 1990s.

The table top production, which has been originally established for the main industry in Turkey, has also started to give service to the European countries, such as England, Italy, Germany and alternative export markets, such as Russia and China.

The investments of the plastic injection factory and the table top assembly lines have been completed in 2000s. Accordingly, Balorman has started the production of the complete component named as ‘’assembled table top’’.

As of today, a total of 25 million table tops production, of which 5.5 million are assembled, are realized. Apart from the table tops, different plastic components are produced in Balorman Cerkezkoy and Ergene factories.

Balorman has also taken its place amongst the most leading manufacturers of Europe in the production of table tops, aimed at home appliances sector.

Balorman is a member of BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers Association)