Vision & Mission

Balorman has adopted a management understanding, based on continuous development, respectful to the nature and society by using the existing resources in the most efficient manner for a more viable world.

As a facility in the world standards, equipped with high technology, respectful to the environment and people , Balorman aims to be the leader in customer satisfaction and a leading company in its sector by responding the expectations of its customer at maximum level, increasing its quality and developing its product range continuously.

The greatest positive contribution to Balorman’s position today has been formed with the synergy, created by its two important characteristics. The experience, gained in the wood sector as of the date of 1958 and supplier industry culture, gained on the issue of wood and plastic components as of the years of 1990.

The mission of Balorman is to continuously develop its product range as it targets to meet the wood and plastic component requirements of the national and international corporations and the needs of its employees by creating a satisfaction and trust feeling.

Our company has taken its place amongst the leader companies of Turkey in the area of patent by closely monitoring international and national market opportunities, assessing the advantages, which will be presented by these opportunities, providing cost advantages to its customers by means of making different design works of its products.

As an active company in wood sector, Balorman pays a special attention to the sustainability and focuses its works on the recycled products.